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  • What is Atlas?
    Atlas is an decentralized ecosystem where users can engage in work and transact with cryptocurrencies. It is a system that aims to redefine freelancing, providing innovative tools that will lead us to the future of work.
  • What is Blockchain?
    A blockchain – originally block chain – is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography. This allows for a decentralized network where the consensus of users is responsible for the sustainability and growth of the system.
  • Why Cryptocurrencies?
    Cryptocurrency is a decentralized monetary system. By creating an Atlas Blockchain, the WORK Coin becomes the internal driver of the ecosystem. Atlas believes in providing the user with choice, enabling them to work for investements and earn income in a decentralized and ever-expanding economy.
  • Why the need for an 'Atlas Blockchain' ?
    Creating our own blockchain has given us full independence from the Ethereum blockchain in terms of infrastructure, more control over critical decisions such as utilizing proof of stake or proof of work, it gives users the ownership of the platform and it allows us to create an ambitious open blockchain in freelancing that can extend beyond the limits of ERC20, and truly become Decentralized.
  • With High Volatility, why risk freelancing?"
    By joining Atlas, you have seen the potential of cryptocurrencies and you are investing in your future. Atlas provides the tools in order for users to invest and exchange in the currencies they best believe in. Atlas is primarily aimed for individuals familiar with cryptocurrencies, their markets and volatility. In parallel however, Atlas strives to introduce Blockchain around the world, to universities, communities and businesses. In order to introduce the potential of this technology that is capable of leading us to a more equitable economy.
  • Is the WORK a Utility Coin?
    WORK is designed to be a utility coin in its rawest form. Atlas as an ecosystem, acts as a market that translates the demand and supply of WORK tokens into transactions. The demand forces in the Atlas platform are driven by freelancers, where freelancers increase the demand for WORK by completing more jobs.
  • Is the Freelancer/Client workflow 'hackable'?
    No. Since Atlas began development, security has remained one of the main pillar of the platform. Through the use of machine learning and an active incentivized workforce, Atlas is able to quickly pick-up on any malicious patterns and activity and prevent them.
  • Can you cheat the Decentralized Arbitration System (DAS) ?
    No. By the use of smart-contracts, a ranking system and machine learning, Atlas is able to secure the system and monitor activity at all times.
  • What sorts of jobs will be conductable?
    Atlas aims to lead the 4th Industrial Revolution. The initial jobs that will be attracted will mainly be web-related. However, as cryptocurrencies become more popular and accessible with the help of Atlas, our efforts will eventually shift to provide a larger variety of jobs. Exemplar fields of work Atlas aims to accommodate: -Website, Mobile & Software Development -Engineering, Artitecture, Science & Medicine -Machine Learning & Data Analytics -IT & Networking -Administrative Support -Communication -Sales & Marketing -Writing & Fine Arts -Media, Design & Creative -Customer Services With further inclusions to the platform such as geo-localisation, Atlas will provide the ability to post/accept smart-contracts that are conductible within an individual's perimeter.
  • Can I join as an enterprise?
    By joining Atlas, your are an untitled user, how you choose to use the platforms defines your role. With team builder (A social feature on Atlas) you are able to quickly link with other users in order to form organizations and microbusinesses, in order to utilize the platform at a larger scale.
  • How do wallets work on Atlas?
    Atlas provides users with the ability to store their coin on the Webapp Wallet, or the seperate Desktop Wallet. This is a way to give the choice to either leave your funds online, or stored on an offline wallet where the users hold the private key.
  • Does Atlas have an extensive roadmap?
    Atlas has many goals, either regarding the platform or the development of its community. This includes Atlas Workshops and Conferences worldwide, expanded features, 3rd party compatibilities and more
  • Is Atlas a security?
    No, by having its own Blockchain, Currency and mining ability. Atlas becomes fully decentralized, issuing a coin that fuels transactions and has a value that is determined from the ecosystem in which it is embedded. WORK is first and foremost a Utility Coin.
  • How big is the team?
    The Atlas core team is a cooperation of four individuals working hand in hand: Paul Giganti (CEO), Cyrus James Khan (CD & Marketing), Patrick Lismore (Lead Engineer) and David Gallego (Co-Lead Engineer).
  • Do you have Capital?
    No. The Atlas team does not have any captial for the time being, every member has been investing their time in development for about half a year. Contributors and Advisors are remunerated in the company issued WORK coin.
  • Does Atlas have any Advisors?
    Yes, we do! We have been very active networking with different talent pools. Atlas has a list of Advisors that we will soon be sharing.
  • How can I speak to the team?
    You can contact us directly on our telegram ( )group or email (
  • Where can I follow the news?
    We recommend joining our email list, as well as our Medium Publication, which can be found through the top menu bar.
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