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More info about distribution can be read in our latest newsletter.


  • 70%: Full-Release platform development & Operations expenses (blockchain, web and software developers, admin, rent, utilities)

  • 20%: Marketing & sales staff, editorials, travel expenses

  • 10%:  Legal and accounting expenses

WORK Exchange Rate:

900 WORK : 1 ETH



Total WORK Supply:

WORK 40'000'000


Advantages to holders:

  • Creating an ecosystem that has an engaged community and means of long term development.


  • Using WORK will enable users to transact without any fee.


  • All WORK holders will become the first registered users of the platform.


Distribution Structure:​​

  • IBO: ​5'000'000 WORK

  • Mining*: 24'000'000 WORK

  • Atlas: 6'000'000 WORK

  • Accredited Investors: 5'000'000 WORK

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