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Bounty Program

Atlas wants to welcome everyone to join the program, every participant will be awarded Atlas points that can be exchanged for WORK Coins.

If you join the Atlas Bounty Program and you complete any of the activities outlined, you will collect points. After the bounty offering we will tally all of the interactions for all of the individuals who registered for the program.

Contributing to the project

Introduction to the Bounty Program

Twitter Bounties


Follow, like and retweet all @atlasdotwork’s tweets. 

Post an informative/hype post for

❖ 25 Atlas points for entering twitter bounty

❖ 2 Atlas points for every retweet your tweet gets

Blog Bounties


800 characters without spaces. Must include one unedited (non-hyperlink) link to Content must be original. Once you write a Blog post, submit to (Follow submission format)

❖ 100 Atlas points for writing a unique blog about

❖ 50 additional Atlas points for exceptionally written blogs

(Including pictures, videos, etc. related to

❖ 2 Atlas points each reblog, links back to the blog post, and shares

Translation Bounties

Please contact us in regards to applying for our translation bounty using Please write ''Translation Bounty'' as the subject title.

Facebook Bounties


Follow and Like our Facebook page.

Like atleast 3 posts. Comment what you like about on our wall and share our most recent posts on your timeline.


The post on our wall must be at least 20 words and be original. If you share to a page with more than 1,000 likes, please specify this in an email to

Please make sure to screenshot or link to your posts/shares in your application email. 

(Follow submission format)

(You must have at least 200 real Friends to be accepted and an account created before September, 2017*)

❖50 Atlas points for entering this bounty

❖ 1 Atlas points for every post you like, including older posts; and every post you comment on (as per comment rules stated above for Facebook)

Youtube Bounties

You must either make a minimum 3 minute about, or mention and its goals for at least 1 minute in a video. You must include a link to in the description. As well as our Facebook and Twitter.

(You must have at least 500 subscribers to apply for the bounty program.*)

❖ 300 Atlas points for each video solely about

❖ 50 Atlas points for each video you mention

❖ 25 Atlas points for every 500 “LIKES” to your video

❖ 5 Atlas points for every 25 comments to your video


At the end of the distribution, bounty participants will be contacted via email.

They will receive the amount of Atlas points earned during the campaign.


The Atlas points are then automatically converted into WORK Coins available to the user. Users will then receive a special code that can be used on their Atlas account, once the code is entered the dedicated funds will automatically be added to the participant’s account wallet.


Atlas points are valued at 1 USD worth of WORK Coins.

The conversation rate is applied at the token sale price of the WORK Coin.

WORK Coins Compensations

BitcoinTalk Signature


Actively communicate on Bitcointalk forum having the signature and profile picture (download avatar here as well as the code here) of Atlas.Work set up. In order to receive rewards in this category all participants must publish at least 10 posts per week with signature put on


❖ Full Member: 50 Atlas Points per week

❖ Senior Member: 75 Atlas Points per week

❖ Hero Member: 100 Atlas Points per week

❖ Legendary: 150 Atlas Points per week


Signature Bounty Campaign Rules:

❖ Participants have to be at least a Full Member

❖ Bitcointalk accounts with negative trust are not eligible for campaign

❖ Every participants must wear our signature and avatar

❖ Multiple accounts will be banned if spotted. Spam is not allowed

❖ We expect you to post 10 constructive posts per week

Only 3 of these posts can be in local boards

❖Posts should be made in altcoin sections, local board included (excluding bounties sections)

❖You will have to keep wearing our signature and avatar until the end of the bounty campaign

❖Do not send the email without wearing our signature, or you will be rejected

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