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Official DApp 

Drive is the second official decentralized application from Atlas. It adapts traditional real-time ridesharing applications as smart-contracts under the Atlas Blockchain, providing frictionless & minimal-fee payments.


Traditional carpool platforms have acquired a dominant market share and have imposed high fees to the drivers’ community. These fees can reach up to 25% per ride delivered.


The answers to these challenges lie in a decentralised ridesharing platform adapting both cryptocurrencies and smart contracts, with a minimal fee of 2% per ride for drivers.

Accessible Database

The use of blockchain provides a single source of customer data for better visibility of driver's’ activity for the safety of the user.

Multi-Crypto Payments

A range of cryptocurrencies is available to transact among passenger and driver through a seamless payment experience directly via the app.


Drive is an easy to use ridesharing application. Providing an easy gateway for any user to start acquiring or spend cryptocurrencies.

More information coming soon.

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