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Executive Summary


Atlas.Work is the first decentralized application running on the Atlas Blockchain. It fully utilizes the capabilities of smart-contracts and machine learning in order to create a decentralized freelancing ecosystem. Atlas.Work’s built-in capabilities enable it to provide integrated services, such as education, training and project management solutions to stimulate talent outsourcing and freelancing for the blockchain industry.


Atlas aims to lead the fourth industrial revolution. Centering on the premise of online work, Atlas’ solutions consists of talent onboarding, education, and decentralized work environment platforms.

WORK Distribution


Multiple Crypto-Currencies

Choose your preferred currency


Atlas offers the possibility to conduct transactions in various crypto-currencies. All with an included wallet and instant digital asset exchange.

Decentralised Work 


Freelancing on a custom built blockchain for WORK, a powerful shared decentralised global infrastructure that can move WORK value around all without a middleman or counterparty risk. The blockchain is currently using Proof of Work (PoW) protocol.

The Atlas Blockchain



Secure and Efficient


Jobs posted in the platform are listed as smart-contract under the Atlas Blockchain. Providing an immutable and secure settlement between the two parties.  

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence & Career Guidance


The platform uses a refined data-analysis system to pinpoint the exact needs of clients and freelancers. Through the use of machine learning, Atlas is able to provide career guidance and a virtual assistant for users that will evolve through time.

Current Platform

Atlas.Work Alpha 1.0

Job Creation




Account Creation

Browse Listings



Be the first to test out the platform! 


Our current alpha has the foundation to start creating the ecosystem we envision.


These are the current main pillars of our platform that we wish to build upon, broadening their scope and functionality with each iteration.


Looking to hire, or find some work?

Tell us about your needs and we'll quickly match you with the right freelancers or clients.


After you've found your suitable task or candidate, 

Review their profiles, send a proposal and negotiate

the terms of work and form of payment.

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After you've found your suitable task or candidate, 

Review their profiles, send a proposal and negotiate

the terms of work and form of payment.


When the project has been completed, your are now ready to send/recieve your chosen form of payment. 

With Atlas Protection, only pay for work you authorize

based on the blockchain.


Atlas Subscription

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Join the freelance revolution.
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